Grand Theft Horse

Posted: June 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Red Dead Redemption has been out for about a month now, and people have raved about it, also everyone’s opinion is out there.

I am making this quick, but Red Dead Redemption is a great game, it is just really good fun. It places you in the shoes of a cowboy, in the dying days of the old west. Technology is encroaching and the wild west that people romanticized is almost gone, steam trains are joining up parts of the land that only horses could tread and automobiles are heard of but rarely seen. In this setting it makes things very interesting and as the lead character in your own western, a lot of fun is to be had.

The story, as great as it is, is there for you to explore yourself, I wont really talk about it except in broad terms. It is typical Rockstar Games fare, you play a character who has his own personal quest to get on with but before he can he needs to help out others. You get missions from different people and gradually explore the map in front of you. It is a game of three acts, act 1 has you in one place, act 2 moves you south of the border and act 3 brings you back up and to a larger town to ride into. Missions there to advance the story but every now and again you will encounter side missions which get interesting and are spread out in the world. Some are more strange than others and you will find yourself keeping an eye on your map when these pop up. Along with side missions, strange events will happen on your travels. For instance, in one section I was riding along and some guy ran out of the bushes asking for help, I slowed my horse and he ran up, pulled me off the horse and jumped on and rode off. I quickly took out my gun and shot him before he disappeared and got my horse back but that was just a random encounter. These encounters are spread out in the world and will happen at random, you wont find them in the same place twice and you never encounter the same thing twice in a row.

The game is chock full of things to do, but it does it so much better in than the Grand Theft Auto series because the old west is somewhere that is fun to explore, you can hunt animals, collect bounties or even perform your own deeds of injustice if you feel you want to. In Grand Theft Auto the cities were okay to explore but it was bland at times, this world just teems with wonder at every turn and has a cast of characters within the story that are very memorable.

I have barely touched on everything this game has to offer but I will point out two faults, the first fault is minor and I actually kind of like it, other don’t. The game has auto aim, you pull out the gun and hold down a button and you will lock onto a target, even in multiplayer. It makes harder parts of the game easier and easier parts a complete walkthrough but I like that, because it makes the story progress and you are not banging your head against a brick wall. The second fault lies in the story and setting, so you have the old west to ride around in and cause chaos, your character John Marston states at numerous points that he is doing what he has to, so he can get his family back, but the game lets you do things in the world that John Marston will refuse to do in cut scenes, so the characters morals and the style of game don’t really match up a lot of the time. It’s a slight niggle and I can see why he has these morals but it takes away from the game a little when you can kidnap a woman, tie her up and leave her on the train tracks to get run over just so you can unlock the Dastardly achievement.

Also the game has multiplayer, but again enough has been said about this awesome Free Roam concept on webpages, but I will add that I love Free Roam, it dumps up to 18 people on the world map and lets them do their own thing. Players can buddy up and create posses to hunt down gangs or other players, or just run around shooting anyone and anything. My favorite past time in free roam at the moment is going into the town of Armadillo, staking out a place on top of one of the buildings and start shooting innocent people, this puts a bounty on your head and federal marshals come riding into town to dispense lead justice, every person you kill racks up your bounty and once it is over $1000, the bounty is offered to other players. So you end up taking part in a mini-siege and it can get intense.

All in all I like this game, the story is good, the characters are likeable, there is enough side missions and activities to sink hundreds of hours into and that is not including multiplayer. This game is a must have for those that enjoy action games and want something unique to play.


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