Off topic: Doctor Who

Posted: June 26, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Not a video game post this time, but about a tv show, Doctor Who.

I have been a fan of Dr Who for a long time, I watched it as a child with no idea what was going on but I was really happy when the show returned from a long hiatus in 2005, since then I have been a big fan.

Tonight I just watched the season finale, The Big Bang, and my thoughts to be non-spoilerific are: it was awesome.

So the reason I am posting, I just want to talk about this series of Dr Who. This series saw the new Doctor, Matt Smith take the helm over from David Tennant. Now I refused to judge Matt Smith from the interviews when he was unveiled as the new Doctor but a lot of people did, including my sister, her words were “he’s not the Doctor.” But I waited and was pleasantly surprised because he blew everyone away including myself. Matt Smith made that role his own and his assistant Karen Gillan as Amy Pond was brilliant casting.

Besides new actors we got a new head writer Stephen Moffat, creator of the stone angels from 2 seasons ago and he has crafted a brilliant season of ups and downs with the episodes he wrote.

One thing that I really enjoyed through the season was the music, it was always there at the right bits and made every climactic moment feel suitably epic.

So in a way this is just my way of saying that Doctor Who was awesome and the finale blew me away, it ended one storyline but left the door open on some other threads, so roll on Christmas when the Doctor will return for the Christmas Special, I for one can’t wait.


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